Switch my organizations in Yeeflow

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Your email account may have multiple organizations. To switch to a different organization, please follow the instructions according to your platform:

  • Web Browser 
  • Mobile app
  • Microsoft Teams Client

 If you are part of multiple organizations, the contents you see will be filtered according to the organization you are currently viewing. 

Web Browser

 If you are using web browser. 

  1. Click your avatar at right top corner;
  2. From the dropdown menu, click the organization area;
  3. From the left pop-up windows, click the organization you would like to switch to.


Mobile App

To switch between organizations on the mobile app, click the My Items from the bottom navigation bar. 


Select the organization you would like to switch to from the new pop-up page. 


Microsoft Teams Client

  • If you are using Teams app or Teams chat, please follow the same instruction as web browser.


  • If you are using Teams tab, and you can see the filtered contents according to your current organization. In other words, you may see some tab(s) in denied access view(see below). 


You CANNOT switch organizations from Teams tab. But you may go to Teams app or tab and select the organization you would like to switch to. 

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