Yeeflow can invite user(s) to join your organization.

Only Yeeflow administrator can invite user(s) when:  

  • After you signed up and created an organization; or
  • Got to Admin/Settings and invite users (Please follow below instruction).

You may learn: 

Invite Users at any time

Go to Admin tab if using Microsoft Teams, or Click on the Settings icon near your avatar if using web browser. 

  1.  Click "User Management"  , then click "+New User" at right top. Select "Invite Users".
  2. Enter the user's email address(es) - up to 10 email addresses at one time.  
    Please note: The email address you send the invitation to will be the user's login account which is unchangeable. 
  3.  (Optional) Select a department for the user(s) whom you invited. You will see all organization listed at the pop-up windows.  You may Manage Organization before doing this if applicable. 
  4.  Click "Invite X user" . 

The new user(s) need accept the invitation to activate the account in this organization. You may refer the instruction of How to join an organization to the invited users. 

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Invitation limitation

You may get a message started with "You can only invite 0 users..." . Then you need upgrade your subscription or Manage Users as applicable. 


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Resend an invitation to a new user

If an invitation isn't accepted within some days, you'll need to resend the user invitation. 

  1.  Go to "Organization", then click the invited user;
  2.  Click "Resend Invite" under User Status. 

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What's next?

If you need to edit an user's profile, you may go to  Edit User profile

If you need to add this one as a Yeeflow administrator also, you may learn  Quick Start - Set users as Yeeflow system administrator?  

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