How to invite Users to your organization

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Yeeflow can invite user(s) to join your organization.

Only Yeeflow administrator can invite user(s) when:  

  • After you signed up and created an organization; or
  • Got to Admin Center and invite users (Please follow below instruction).

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Invite Users at any time

  1. Go to Admin tab if using Microsoft Teams, or Click on the Settings icon near your avatar if using web browser. 


  2. In the Admin Center, click User Management to manage the your organization and users:
  3. Click "User Management"  , then click "+New User" at right top. Select "Invite Users".


  4. Enter the user's email address(es) - up to 10 email addresses at one time.  
    Please note: The email address you send the invitation to will be the user's login account which is unchangeable. 
  5.  (Optional) Select a department for the user(s) whom you invited. You will see all organization listed at the pop-up windows.  You may Manage Organization before doing this if applicable. 
  6.  Click "Invite X user" . 

The new user(s) need accept the invitation to activate the account in this organization. You may refer the instruction of How to join an organization to the invited users. 

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Invitation limitation

You may get a message started with "You can only invite 0 users..." . Then you need upgrade your subscription or Manage Users as applicable. 


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Resend an invitation to a new user

If an invitation isn't accepted within some days, you'll need to resend the user invitation. 

          1.  Go to "User Management", then click the invited user;
          2.  Click "Resend Invite" under User Status. 

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What's next?

If you need to edit an user's profile, you may go to  Edit User profile

If you need to add this one as a Yeeflow administrator also, you may learn  Quick Start - Set users as Yeeflow system administrator?  

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