How to bulk delete items from Data List

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You can bulk delete items from data list in Yeeflow.

While you have created some test items and you need to rollout now, or too many items over a period of time and you want to clean it up massively instead of one by one. Please follow below instruction to bulk delete items from Data list in Yeeflow. 


The first precondition for deleting items is that you are the administrator or you have "Edit" permission for this data list. Learn the permission management to authorize some user(s) to do this. 

Please note: the deleted item(s) can not be restore and their relationships will be removed also. 

How to bulk delete

Visit the Data List in the Application:

  1. Go the list page and confirm these items you want to delete;
    • Click page number in the lower right corner; or
    • Switch the show items for each page which helps you get more items to be checked in one page;
  2. Tick the checkbox of each item one by one;
    or Tick the checkbox at the upper left corner for this list page. 
  3. Click Delete to process; or cancel(X) this selection.
  4. In case that you have more than 1-page items(over than 50 items)  to delece, go to another page(s) and tick the item(s). Then click Delete to process. 

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