How to Build user friendly Forms

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Customizing your data entry forms will enhance your end user experience and drive the success of your Applications.

Forms, including the form builder of an approval form, and the list form builder for New/Edit/View form of a data list in Yeeflow,  are the front line of your app. They make it easy for users to submit data, process tasks and view records etc. In these sections. We introduce form elements, explain what they are,  and customize them to make them easy to work and enter information.  


How do Forms appear in Yeeflow

Forms display differently depending upon where you are working in Yeeflow.

  • A form can be a part of the approval form of an application, which might be the submission form, task form or print page; 




  • A form can be a list form which will be associated as the New/Edit/View form of a data list. You can create a list form by clicking "More actions → Forms".


A collection of articles will guide to:

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