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A Label is basically used to provide additional instructions on your form. And you may also bind it with any variable to display its values only. 

As stated in each control, all controls have its label properties to display its field title. You can use this Label to create stand-alone labels for some field or grid, and for instructions on your form. You can also use this Label to bind with a variable to display values in defined style and color. 

Use a label to customize fonts, colors, background and more to build a beautiful form. 


As Static Content

When choosing "Static", you can enter a fixed text to be displayed on your form anywhere. 


It allows to customize:

  • Font Size

It accepts a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 200.

  • Font Style

There are 3 basic styles of Normal, Bold or Italic.

  • Color and Background Color

With a plethora of colors to choose from, you can make your form look exactly the way you prefer.

  • Dynamic Display Rules

When you set a dynamic display rule for a label, It behaves differently based on specific conditions and rules. There are Two actions(Hide/Show) for this label control.

Learn how to create dynamic display rules.

  • Allow Comments

You can enable/disable comments on this field after the form is submitted. There are two options to trigger comments entering: On Click and Mouse Hover

For a unbound control, the comment key will be required to enter one or bind with other bound control/field.


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Rich Text enabled

You can enable Rich Text to apply advanced styling for this label. Then a pop-up rich content editor that will offer formatted text with build-in toolbar button. 

Learn more about Rich text. 


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Bound a Variable

Yeeflow has the defaulted format for all bound controls and which is unchangeable. You may need to bind with some variable(bound control) to display text in customized. 

A label control can bind to any bound controls in this form. You have all basic options to set its appearance. 

Please Note: You may need to use the same "Field ID" of the bound variable if the comment key is required.

For below bound controls, it will display as its special properties:

  • Image/Attachment/Signature: some URL(s) of it's stored;
  • User/Organization/Location/Cost Center/Metadata/Lookup/Lookup list: some ID number(s) of its properties. 


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