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Calculation allows you to create new field that calculates values. It uses Yeeflow built-in Expression Editor to perform calculations.

You need specify the value of calculation that you want to use as the source of data in the control by defining an expression. An expression can use values from fields in the same list/form as well as built-in functions.

Calculation displays read-only values based on your calculation expression.


Types of Data

The data in a calculation is the result of formula that you specify. The result can be one of these below types of data:

  • Text
  • Number (included Percentage)
  • Currency
  • Date and Time
  • Yes/No (Boolean)

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Calculation Editor

You need click on the button of Edit to open up the Expression Editor. 

Learn more about creating a calculation

Label & Binding

The label will display as the title of this field. You can define the name for this field. You also can switch off "Display Title" to hide the label on your custom form. 

Binding is only applicable for Approval Form builder ONLY. A calculation field can be reset to bind with any other bound controls on this form. 

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Define the appearance of this field to change the styles. 

  • Dynamic Display Rules

When you set a dynamic display rule for this field, It behaves differently based on specific conditions and rules.  A calculation is a read-only displaying and there are only two actions(Hide/Show) to custom. 

Learn how to create dynamic display rules for a field

  • Allow Comment (Approval Form only)

You can enable/disable comments on this field after the form is submitted. There are two options to trigger comments entering: On Click and Mouse Hover

For a bound control, the comment key will be auto-bound with this control/field.

  • Hide in Form (Approval Form only)

Only calculation has this exclusive feature. You can enable/disable hiding on the calculation field. 

  • Data type properties

When using Approval Form Builder, a calculation will always displays as a text value. You need to reset and bind to other control to change its data type. 

For example, once you bind the calculation to a numeric control, you may switch ON or OFF to display Thousands Separator or not. It always display with using a comma to separate groups of thousands when it's ON. As well you can set a number with a round format from 0 to 15 decimals.  E.g. as a number 12,345.67.


When using Data List and creating a calculation field, once you select the type and then you will allow to set the properties based on data type:

-- Thousands Separator  (applicable for Number/Currency)

Yeeflow offers three commonly-used numeric formats to choose. 


-- Rounded to (applicable for Number/Currency)

Rounding a number is when you input a number and to bump it up or down to a certain number of decimal places according to standard rules. You may set a number with a round format from 0 to 7 decimals.

-- Show as Percentage(%)  (applicable for Number)

Percentage is often denoted by the symbol "%". For example, 33% is equivalent to the decimal 0.33. 

-- Currency (applicable for Currency)

Select monetary type of this field from dropdown currency selector which offers commonly-used currencies. Then choose one of two displays(Code or Symbol).  


-- Datetime (applicable for Data and Time)

You can enable/disable the Time for this datetime field displaying. 


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Validation will verify that the data users enter in this form meets the standards you specify before the form can be submitted.

  • Custom Validation

You can set a custom error message that will display under your field when specified conditions become true. It will allow you to add any number of rules for validating your field.
Learn more about the Custom Validation.

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