Using expression editor for data calculations

Yeeflow calculation allows you to create powerful logic and customized form.

Calculation can be used to set default values, or get logic display values that you use expression elements to conduct operations. 

Please note: Please ensure that the right data type is accordance with your defined value format, or it will be display with error values.

Appointed Values

In the calculation editor box(Expression Editor), you can enter a constant or literal value: Number(123) and Text(A) .


As well you can use Expression() or Function(F) to get a direct value. 

Learn more about using Expression Editor.


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Calculated or Joint Values

You can enter a complex calculation that you're intending to:

  • Calculate two or more numeric values to a numeric value:

You may use one or multiple operators of  Plus(+) ; Minus(-) ; Multiply(*); Divide(/); Modulo(%)  to compute the new numeric value. 

Learn more about Yeeflow Operators using.


  • String Concat(+) to a joint string value:  Except numeric values calculated, you can join any two or more operator data into one string value. 


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Conditional Logic

Yeeflow provides a calculation for creating complex conditional logic. The Expression Editor lets you build conditions using any of these elements to get a dynamic values. 

Click on the Function(F) and each one will instruct you to create the conditions and perform calculations dynamically. 

Learn more about using Expression Functions

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