Export data list to Excel

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Export a data list to an excel file by selecting data range and fields.

Except Yeeflow administrator, these who has "export" permission can see and use this function. It offers:

  • Select the range and fields that you want to export.
  • Export current report and historic report at any time.
  • Support 5000+ data items/rows per export.

Learn how to start your export as:


Data range before export

Before your export, you may sort out range of data items that you want to export. 

  • Filter condition - Use Filter to set the various conditions that a specified list field must meet to be included.  +Add filter can filter multiple conditions with "And" relationship. 


  • Checkbox pick - Select the Checkbox on the left of each item to include in your export data range. Then confirm "Export" to move forward. 


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Export Data

Click more action button mceclip0.png (near right top) ; then select Export.

  1. Click Start export
  2. Select -  You will see the list fields selected beyond current view.
    Select the checkbox next to a list field to include in your export;
    Enter the keywords in Search field and get what you look for;
    Click X to remove any list fields you don't want in your export. Click the red "Remove all fields" to remove all list fields from your export. 
  3.  Click Export on the left bottom. You export file will be processing to generate.  Once the status from "Exporting" to "Download", it allows you to export the file then. Sometimes the exporting status will be stay there for a period, you can quit it and go to "Export" again for refresh.  
  4.  Download to an excel file. You may click any Download under "Export history". Each export keeps its historic data at it generated time. You need start a new export to get latest data.  

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Field properties for export

Below is the description for some special fields in your export.

Field Type Export Result(excel)

It has two options to appear in export:


It has two options to appear in export:

  • Its display field from its source list
  • The item id from its source list.

For its multiple, there is a comma between every two values.

E.g. Value 1,Value 2


There is a comma between every two values.

E.g. Value 1,Value 2


TRUE to display as ON or Yes/checked in Yeeflow;

FALSE to display as OFF or No/checked in Yeeflow.


 A number formatted value with non-symbol.


Location/Cost Center(s)

Export with their display name.

For their multiple, there is a comma between every two values.

E.g. Value 1,Value 2

Rich Text/Attachment/Image/Tags

Not supported. 

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