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Yeeflow will automatically send email to system administrator(s) once some workflow error occurred. 

You may receive some email with 'Error Notification' saying that StatusCode of '10021'

E.g.  An email of 'Leave Request -Error Notification' with error of 10021.


Why this error?

This error (''StatusCode'':10021") would be occurred as you may configure an irregular expression (e.g. "expression: [2020-10-27 00:00:00]<=[2020], value: [2020-10-27 00:00:00]<=[2020]") which was generally in Condition Editor of workflow arrow(or saying "Sequence flow").

How to fix? 

You can follow below guide for future fix but the existing error record(s) can not be fixed. But you may recall these in progress and restart with your fixed version. 

Step 1. Find the error place - impacted arrow

  1. Go to Workflow Settings → Workflow Instance → Find this <Tracking No. >
  2. You may check from Workflow Log, click Flow Chart
  3. You will be taken to its workflow chart. And you will see the workflow was stopped. 
  4. All flow arrows (e.g. ① and ② as screenshot) after the stopped place may be produced.



Step 2. Locate the irregular expression

  1. Go to this workflow Designer.  Enter Workflow.
  2. Check the flow arrows that stopped and click setting icon to Sequence flow window. 
  3. Go to Condition Editor
  4. Repeat above 2 and 3 to locate the irregular expression in Condition Editor. (e.g. a date <= a text is irregular to process) 


Step 3. Fix and publish

  1. Revise the irregular expression and Save;
  2. Publish it. 
  3. You may submit a new application form to verify it (if any) .

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