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A form report is a compilation of data submitted using an approval form in the created application. Yeeflow incorporates reports as one of the components to presents records to help users search, track or analyze approval forms.


Where you are running a form, reviewing your results in an easy way to understand report is essential. The form report will go handy the latest updates from users in one place. All form reports in Yeeflow are based on approval forms and the inputs from the forms constitute the records in the reports.


Why use form report

Using the form report to create multiple reports for different type of users to track the submitted records of an approval form on the right way. For example: you've created a Purchase Requisitions form for users to submit the request. You can create 3 form reports for this form. The first form report to list all the submitted records which allow admin to track the details of each records.  The second form report to list all the approved records which can be used for business team to track the final confirmed records. And the third form report for end users to view the records that's been submitted by themselves only. 




How to create a new form report?

To create a form report, please ensure that the current application already have a published approval form firstly. 

When you are in an Application and then create your form report. Navigate to one of your  Application page (Employee Recognition) -> Click the "+" at the top or Click "New Component" at the left -> then select Form Report.



You will see the steps by steps wizard window to help you complete the form report creation.

At the first step, select the approval form from the dropdown list, then input the form name and description. Click "Next" button.



Select the fields that you'd like to include in this report by clicking the "Settings" button after Report Fields.



From the pop-up window, click the checkbox to select fields, and change orders from the "Sort" column. The "Name" column display the field name of each variable included in the approval form. You can customize the display name for each field as needed (like using "Subject" as the display name of the field RequestTitle).


If there are sub lists in the approval form (like the "purchase details list" above is a sub list), you can also include the sub list items in this form report by clicking the "Select fields" button at the end of this sub list field row.


Then select the fields of the sub list by clicking the checkbox, and set the display orders. 


Pro Tip. 

  1. If you include the sub list fields in the form report. each row of the sub list will generate a record of this form report. For example, there are 2 Purchase Requisitions form are submitted by users, the firstly form includes 2 items in the "Purchase Details List" sub list, while the second form includes 3 items in this sub list. Then, you will find 5 records in this form report. 
  2. Each form report can only include one sub list.


Next, click the "Settings" button after the Search & filters to set the data filter conditions.



From the pop-up window, there are 7 default fields by default which can be used as the search fields for end users. You can click the "Hide" checkbox if you do not want the users to search with this field. 


Click the "Fixed Value" checkbox to only include the records that match the values in this report. For example, only includes the records with Status = (In progress or Completed). 



From the dropdown list at the bottom of this window, you can select to add additional fields for data search and data filter. You can only add 5 additional fields here.

Click "OK" button the close this window. Then click "Next" button to set the access permissions of this report. you can set a variety of permissions as below. 

  • All application users - All users of this application can view this report.
  • Specific application users - Grant only specific users, departments and user groups to access this report.  Yeeflow provides the specific permission to users, or user groups, or organizations.
  • Allow users to access the form's detail page -  the form's detail page is the submission form after it submitted. Select this checkbox to allow users click each record in the report to open the form page.
  • Allow users to export the report - Select this checkbox if you allow users to export the records of this report to excel file. 


Click "Continue" button, then click "Publish" button at the next page to complete the settings. The new form report will then be generated.



Use Form Report

At the form report page, you will see all data or specific data under the filter conditions.  

Learn how to user the form report

Click the more action button, you can:

  • Edit Report - Re-define the name of the report;
  • Report fields - Add or remove fields into the current report;
  • Filter Settings - Reset the filter conditions or add some more filter fields;
  • Access permissions - Reset the all types of permission under this report;
  • Delete Report - Delete this report.


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