Create reports of approval forms with form report

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Yeeflow gives you the ability to collect data from your form(s) and it also allows you to custom it in a variety of ways.
Where you are running a form, reviewing your results in an easy way to understand report is essential. The form report will go handy when you want to see the latest updates from your users in one place. 

Where to start?

To create a report, you must have a published form firstly. 

When you are in an Application and then create your report. Navigate to one of your  Application page (Employee Recognition) -> Click the "+" at the top or Click "New Component" at the left -> then select Form Report.


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Custom your form report

Yeeflow provides an instruction steps to create your report.  

1.  Select a form and define your Report name. Then click Next


2.  Click Settings of Report Fields -> You will see all variables listed and tick the fields that you want to have in report. You may 

  • Customize the display name with your definition;
  • Sort the order number;

Click   Settings of Search & filters-> You will see 6 defaulted variables listed and choose some more  fields that you want to have. You may 

  • Customize the field name in filter list;
  • Set Fixed Value in conditions to meet your criteria;
  • Hide some defaulted filter fields or your conditional criteria. 


After completion of , Then click Next

3. At this page,  you can set a variety of permissions as below and then click Continue

  • View permission - who can view the report page in this application.  Yeeflow provides the specific permission to users, or user groups, or organizations.
    Important Note:  The permitted users should have the application view permission firstly. You may learn the permissions of applications.
  • Allow to access the detail page -  the form's detail page is the submission form after it submitted. 
  • Allow to export the report - allow it and you will see the Export button at your form report page.


4.  Upon above completion, Click Publish.  The data in your new report will be updated in every 5 mininus. 


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Use your form report

You can create a number of reports per different criteria and permissions. After your creation of form report, you can also take a easy way to edit its all properties such as display fields, search & filter,  permissions, etc.. 

For some navigation bar may be hidden in your application, you need:

Navigate to one of your  Application page (Employee Recognition) -> Click the setting icon at right top-> Click the App Settings icon -> then you will see the application settings page, scroll down and you will see these reports under the Form Report at the bottom -> Click the report to access.   



At the report page, you will see the all data or specific data under the filter conditions.  If the export report is allows, you can click to export an Excel file to your local file. 

Learn how to export to an Excel file

Click the more action button, you can:

  • Edit Report - Re-define the name of the report;
  • Report fields - Add or remove fields into the current report;
  • Filter Settings - Reset the filter conditions or add some more filter fields;
  • Access permissions - Reset the all types of permission under this report;
  • Delete - Delete this report.


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