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Yeeflow approval forms streamline workflows like requests, automating processes with a no-code, drag-and-drop interface.

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In larger Enterprise organizations, every single day there are hundreds if not thousands of processes, tasks and steps that need to be taken to drive output.

Yeeflow Approval form allow you to easily automate simple business processes and critical business wide systems without the need of code. The workflow tool can transform long winded manual processes into an efficient automated process that permits employees to spend more time doing what they are actually employed to do.

What are Approval forms?

Approval form is used to build business approval and process automation, including the submission and approval of cross-departmental business processes within the enterprise. Such as: procurement request, expense reimbursement, travel request, etc. It can also be used to build process-driven business such as supplier evaluation, project approval, etc.

As a component, approval forms can be added to the application for users to submit and approve requests within the application.

To design the approval form, Yeeflow provides a powerful designer to build your forms and processes easily with the drag-n-drop interface. It's easy to use but strong to fulfill the business requirements from simple to complex.

What are Approval workflows?

Businesses often require processes to be verified and authorized before they can be passed on to the next stage. Why? To ensure that the data or decisions coming out of such checks are validated and given the nod of approval by people in positions of power. This concept, when applied to a workflow system, is known as an approval workflow.

With Yeeflow visual workflow builder, you can define the business approval process with different actions and conditions.

Now, Let's get started to create a new approval form.

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