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Getting started

Here for the first time? See how Yeeflow can help; from IT, application builder and support, to the business team.

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Workspaces, applications and components

Organizing the Yeeflow workspaces, creating, customizing and managing applications with powerful components.

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Approval forms and workflows

Using Yeeflow form designer and workflow designer to set up and automate your internal business process.

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Form report

Enables efficient generation and customization of data reports for Approval forms across multiple views.

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Data list and document library

Create and manage different type of data, design the fields, forms, workflows and permissions

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Data report

Effortlessly connect and merge data sources, create insightful reports, and make data-driven decisions with ease. Explore the power of data analytics within your organization.

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Create dashboards by dragging and dropping widgets to visualize your data and track your progress.

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Service portal

Create secure service portal that allows customers, partners and vendors to access information and services related to their account with a business.

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Designers, controls, fields and editors

Configure complex conditional logic for your forms and dashboard with easy-to-use control/field properties.

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System Settings, configurations and administration

Configure and modify organization related information. Manage departments, users, groups, workflow settings and other extensions.

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Integrations and development

Learn about Yeeflow's integration capabilities with third-party systems, like Microsoft Teams, Power Automate, Zapier etc.

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Tips, tricks and troubleshooting

Tips and tools for beginners and experts alike, find answers of issues.

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