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Designers, controls, fields and editors
Designers, controls, fields and editors

Configure complex conditional logic for your forms and dashboard with easy-to-use control/field properties.

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Understanding form controls and the associated variables / fieldsInsights into understanding form controls and associated variables/fields in Yeeflow, facilitating effective form design and data management
Title of field controlsDiscover Yeeflow's support documentation, covering form design, data management, and platform navigation for enhanced productivity.
Single lineDiscover Yeeflow's support documentation, covering form design, data management, and platform navigation for enhanced productivity.
Multiple lineUnlock seamless data input & collaboration with Yeeflow's multi-line text fields. Simplify processes effortlessly.
Rich TextElevate collaboration with Yeeflow's rich-text fields. Enhance communication and presentation of information seamlessly.
NumberUtilize Yeeflow's number fields for precise data management and calculations. Enhance your workflow efficiency effortlessly.
PercentElevate your data accuracy with Yeeflow's percent fields. Streamline calculations and reporting for enhanced efficiency.
CurrencyOptimize financial tracking with Yeeflow's currency feature. Streamline budget management and enhance accuracy effortlessly.
Single selectOptimize data selection with Yeeflow's single-select fields. Simplify decision-making and streamline processes effortlessly.
Multiple selectSimplify data organization with Yeeflow's multiple-select fields. Enhance flexibility and streamline decision-making effortlessly.
SwitchEnhance control and visibility in your processes with Yeeflow's switch fields. Streamline decision-making effortlessly.
Date PickerStay on schedule with Yeeflow's user-friendly date picker. Effortlessly manage deadlines and keep your projects on track.
Date RangeEasily manage date ranges with Yeeflow's intuitive tools. Streamline scheduling and ensure smooth project timelines.
Time PickerOptimize your scheduling precision with Yeeflow's time picker. Effortlessly manage time and enhance project efficiency
HyperlinkIncorporate dynamic links seamlessly with Yeeflow's hyperlink feature. Enhance accessibility and streamline navigation effortlessly.
ImageElevate your documents and data visualization with Yeeflow's image feature. Enhance presentation and communication effortlessly.
AttachmentEffortlessly manage and share files with Yeeflow's attachment feature. Streamline collaboration and access documents seamlessly.
CalculationEnhance data analysis and decision-making with Yeeflow's calculation feature. Streamline processes and drive efficiency effortlessly.
Sub List (Approval form only)Simplify approval processes with Yeeflow's sub-list approval form feature. Streamline workflows and ensure smooth decision-making.
UserEnhance collaboration and access control with Yeeflow's user feature. Streamline permissions and optimize teamwork effortlessly.

Section OverviewOrganize your Yeeflow pages with Sections, enhancing layout clarity and content structure for better navigation and presentation.
Columns - Create, Edit and StyleLearn to create, edit, and style Yeeflow columns for dynamic layouts, enhancing page design and user experience with customization options.
GridVisualize and manipulate data easily with Yeeflow's grid feature. Enhance analysis and streamline decision-making effortlessly.
Container OverviewGain insights into your processes with Yeeflow's container overview feature. Streamline analysis and optimize workflows effortlessly.
Container-Execute typeEffortlessly manage actions within containers with Yeeflow. Streamline workflows and enhance automation seamlessly.
TextEasily input and manage textual information with Yeeflow's text feature. Streamline communication and data entry effortlessly.
ParagraphEffortlessly manage longer textual content with Yeeflow's paragraph feature. Streamline communication and data entry effortlessly.
PictureIntegrate images effortlessly with Yeeflow's picture feature. Enhance visual representation and communication seamlessly.
DividerEasily segment content with Yeeflow's divider feature. Enhance organization and readability effortlessly.
SpacerCreate visual breaks with Yeeflow's spacer feature. Enhance content layout and readability effortlessly.
ButtonPrompt user action seamlessly with Yeeflow's button feature. Enhance engagement and streamline processes effortlessly.
Button-Execute typeEffortlessly execute actions with Yeeflow's button feature. Streamline processes and enhance user interaction seamlessly.
TabsOrganize content efficiently with Yeeflow's tabs feature. Enhance navigation and streamline access effortlessly.
ToggleToggle settings and options seamlessly with Yeeflow's toggle feature. Enhance user control and streamline interaction effortlessly.
Print Button (Approval form only)Easily print approval forms with Yeeflow's print button feature. Enhance accessibility and streamline document handling effortlessly.
IconEnhance content representation with Yeeflow's icon feature. Streamline visual communication effortlessly.

NewsMaximizing the effectiveness of news features, fostering improved communication and information dissemination within organizational contexts
GalleryOutlines methods for maximizing gallery features, improving visual content management and presentation.
Icon ListGuides users on leveraging icon lists for improved content organization and presentation within digital platforms.
DropbarLeveraging dropbar functionalities for improved navigation and organization, enhancing user experiences within digital environments.
Progress BarImplementing progress bars to enhance user experience and visualize task completion, optimizing workflow efficiency within Yeeflow
AlertEffective utilization of alerts for timely notifications, enhancing communication and task management for improved workflow efficiency.
Data TableEffortlessly organize and visualize data with Yeeflow's data table feature. Enhance analysis and streamline decision-making.
CollectionEfficiently manage and organize data collections with Yeeflow's collection feature. Streamline organization and enhance data accessibility.
Gantt ChartUtilization of Gantt charts in project management, elucidating their benefits and implementation for efficient task scheduling and tracking.
Document LibraryExplore Yeeflow's document library for comprehensive support and resources. Streamline access to valuable information effortlessly.
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Comments (Available for Approval form and List form only)
Embed Control
Custom Code Control
Submit Button (Public form only)Explains how to set up a submit button exclusively for public forms, streamlining the submission process.
Dynamic Series ControlsDynamic display of content based on user selections from a data list, enhancing efficiency in building collection content.
Dynamic FieldUse Yeeflow's Dynamic Field for interactive content display based on user selection, enhancing form interactivity and customization.
Dynamic UserDisplaying personalized user information, like department and job title, using the Dynamic User control.
Dynamic ImageDynamic Image control streamlines image selection and display, offering customizable layouts and sizes for enhanced visual engagement.
Dynamic FileSelecting and displaying "attachment" type fields from a data list within a collection

An Overview of Data Filter controls in YeeflowData filter controls in Yeeflow are a powerful tool that allows users to create custom search criteria for any data stored in the platform.
Understanding Apply type in Yeeflow Data Filter ControlsYeeflow's "Apply Type" settings in data filter controls offer users tailored control over how and when their data is filtered.
Search FilterLearn to add & customize search filters in Yeeflow forms: Set titles, variables, appearance & validation for improved data management.
Select FilterGuide to adding & configuring Select Filters in Yeeflow forms for data categorization, enhancing user experience with dropdown lists.
Checkbox FilterEnhance Yeeflow forms with Checkbox Filters for multi-select options, improving data search accuracy and user interaction.
Radio FilterImplement single-option Radio Filters in Yeeflow forms for streamlined data filtering and enhanced user experience.
Range FilterOptimize data filtering in Yeeflow with Range Filters: Customize sliders for precise data range selection and user-friendly interfaces.
Check RangeAdd precision to data filtering in Yeeflow with Check Range controls, allowing for specific numerical range selections and customization.
Date FilterUse Yeeflow's Date Filter to refine searches by date range, enhancing data analysis and application efficiency with custom settings.
Relative PeriodFilter data based on predefined time frames, such as year, quarter, month, week, day, and hour by focusing on specific intervals.
Apply ButtonEnables users to apply selected filter criteria, improving user interaction by filtering displayed information based on user preferences.
Remove FiltersSimplify filter resets in Yeeflow with Remove Filters control, enhancing data management and user experience with one-click resets.

Dynamic Display RulesDynamically control form display with Yeeflow's rules. Streamline user interaction and enhance customization effortlessly.
Dynamic StyleEasily apply dynamic styles with Yeeflow's feature. Enhance visual presentation and streamline customization effortlessly.
Custom ValidationUnlock robust custom validation, optimizing data integrity and user experience effortlessly.
Form ActionsMaximize form efficiency with dynamic actions. Explore how to automate tasks, streamline workflows, and enhance user interaction.
Advanced Settings TabElevate productivity with advanced settings. Discover customizable features for tailored workflows and optimized user experiences.
How to Use Z-Index in DesignerMaster Z-index for optimal UI layering. Elevate design depth effortlessly for enhanced user experiences.
Custom CSSElevate design flexibility with custom CSS. Unleash creativity and tailor aesthetics for unparalleled user experiences.
Assigning CSS ID and CSS Classes to a controlEffortlessly customize control appearance in Yeeflow with CSS IDs and classes. Enhance visuals, streamline customization.
CSS Grid fractional unit overviewExplore CSS grid fractional units for dynamic layouts. Optimize design flexibility and responsiveness effortlessly
Advanced Control Settings: Container ChildDive into advanced control settings for container-child configurations. Optimize layout control and streamline customization effortlessly.
Advanced Control Settings: Grid ChildUnlock advanced control settings for grid-child configurations. Optimize layout precision and streamline customization effortlessly.
Advanced Control Settings: OrderRefine layout organization with advanced order settings. Tailor element sequence effortlessly for enhanced user experiences
Advanced Control Settings: SizeRefine element dimensions with advanced size settings. Tailor layout effortlessly for optimal user experiences.