Explains the Navigator feature, facilitating easy navigation and organization within Yeeflow, enhancing user experience and productivity.

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In the product update in June, 2022 we added a useful design feature to help you clear your pages clutter.

Navigator is a navigation tree panel providing easy access to every control on the editor with just one click. Navigator enables the user to drag controls throughout the page and edit them, quickly and easily.

Navigator is particularly useful for long pages or pages with complex multi-layered design, and for controls combining Z-Index, minus margin, position absolute, etc. It allows you to access control handles that may be positioned behind other elements.

Access Navigator

You can access Navigator by clicking on the elements button in the panel’s footer.

Choose a control to edit

Click once on any control to immediately scroll to its Edit panel.

Rearrange controls

Drag any control up or down and drop before or after any other element.

Hide / Show controls

Click the element’s View button to show or hide the controls, enabling you to better focus on design.

Note: This will not affect the front end of your website.

Collapse/Expand one element

Click an individual control’s arrow button to expand or collapse that control.

Collapse/Expand all elements

Click the up or down arrow button in the upper right of the Navigator panel to expand or collapse all of the controls at one time.

Position Navigator panel


Drag the Navigator panel anywhere on the page


Pin the Navigator panel to the side of the screen by click the pin button.

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