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How to utilize the add controls panel effectively, enhancing user experience and customization within digital interfaces.

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Use the Add Controls panel to get quick, visual access to various controls you can add to your designer.

The Add Controls Panel gives you quick, visual access to the various Controls you can add to your designer.

The panel is divided into simple categories. For example, the General section contains controls related to page layouts and styles. Another category for Advanced contains all the building blocks you can use to create display a serial of data collections. Here are all the sections and the type of controls that exist there:

  • Basic Fields (Approval forms only)

  • Advanced Fields (Approval forms only)

  • Custom List Fields (List forms and public forms only)

  • Default List Fields (List forms and public forms only)

  • General

  • Advanced

  • Data Analytics (Dashboard and List forms only)

  • Workflow controls (Approval forms only)

Drag controls onto canvas

The way to add controls from the Add Controls Panel, is by dragging and dropping the control onto the Canvas.

As you drag in a control , the blue indicator shows the position of the control inside of the parent element.

If you have the Navigator tab open on the right, you can also see exactly where you’re dropping this control as you drag to reposition it on the canvas.

Default positioning of elements

When you add a control onto the canvas, it is positioned relative to its sibling elements. This default positioning is determined by the default display settings of both the added control and its siblings.

So, if you’re adding a control with default Display Setting of Block, it will always appear on it’s own line, above or beneath the surrounding controls.

When adding controls that have a Display Setting of Inline Block, they will be placed beneath or above Block controls or beside other Inline Block controls. All controls in the Add controls panel are Block controls.

You can change the display settings of most controls from the Styles Panel.

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