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Title is the most comment settings for field controls. Using title to display the text as the title of each control, while the field control itself will show the value of this field.

As an example, you have 2 textbox fields for users to input user name and email address. To help users know the meaning of those 2 textbox, you can set title text for each field control.

Text of title

To add or edit the text of title , firstly, select the related field control on your form designer, and from the Content tab, open Basic setting panel. Then, type the text in the textbox of title option:

Appearance of title

You can decide whether display or hide the title for each filed control. To do so, expand the Appearance settings panel. and find the Display Title option.

If the Display Title is ON, there will be 3 more settings available as below:

Title Layout: Set the position where this title will display around the field control. There are 3 options: Default, Horizontal and Vertical.

Default: The position of this title will follow the page's appearance setting. For example, If the page's setting of "Default Title-Field Alignment" is Horizontal, then the title's layout will be Horizontal by default.

Pro Tip

For mobile device, the default value will be vertical no matter what the page's appearance settings.

Horizontal: The title will be at the left of the field control.

Vertical: The title will be at the top of the field control.

Vertical Align: When Title Layout is set to vertical, you can set the vertical alignment to Top, Center or Bottom.

Title Width: Set the Width for the title in PX or %.

Style of title

You can set the style of the title under the style tab of each field control's properties settings.

  1. Spacing: Set the space between this title and the field control in PX.

  2. Typography: Set the typography options for the title 's text.

  3. Color: Choose the color of the title 's text.

  4. Background Color: Set background color of the title . By default, the background color is set as transparent.

  5. Align: Set the alignment of the text in the title area.

  6. Padding: Set the Padding of the title in PX or %.

  7. Border Type: Select the type of border, choosing from none, solid, double, dotted, dashed, or grooved.

Radius: Set the border radius to control corner roundness.

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