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Field associated controls - Basic Fields
Field associated controls - Basic Fields
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Understanding form controls and the associated variables / fieldsInsights into understanding form controls and associated variables/fields in Yeeflow, facilitating effective form design and data management
Title of field controlsDiscover Yeeflow's support documentation, covering form design, data management, and platform navigation for enhanced productivity.
Single lineDiscover Yeeflow's support documentation, covering form design, data management, and platform navigation for enhanced productivity.
Multiple lineUnlock seamless data input & collaboration with Yeeflow's multi-line text fields. Simplify processes effortlessly.
NumberUtilize Yeeflow's number fields for precise data management and calculations. Enhance your workflow efficiency effortlessly.
PercentElevate your data accuracy with Yeeflow's percent fields. Streamline calculations and reporting for enhanced efficiency.
Single selectOptimize data selection with Yeeflow's single-select fields. Simplify decision-making and streamline processes effortlessly.
Rich TextElevate collaboration with Yeeflow's rich-text fields. Enhance communication and presentation of information seamlessly.
Multiple selectSimplify data organization with Yeeflow's multiple-select fields. Enhance flexibility and streamline decision-making effortlessly.
SwitchEnhance control and visibility in your processes with Yeeflow's switch fields. Streamline decision-making effortlessly.
Date PickerStay on schedule with Yeeflow's user-friendly date picker. Effortlessly manage deadlines and keep your projects on track.
Date RangeEasily manage date ranges with Yeeflow's intuitive tools. Streamline scheduling and ensure smooth project timelines.
Time PickerOptimize your scheduling precision with Yeeflow's time picker. Effortlessly manage time and enhance project efficiency
HyperlinkIncorporate dynamic links seamlessly with Yeeflow's hyperlink feature. Enhance accessibility and streamline navigation effortlessly.
ImageElevate your documents and data visualization with Yeeflow's image feature. Enhance presentation and communication effortlessly.
AttachmentEffortlessly manage and share files with Yeeflow's attachment feature. Streamline collaboration and access documents seamlessly.
CalculationEnhance data analysis and decision-making with Yeeflow's calculation feature. Streamline processes and drive efficiency effortlessly.
Sub List (Approval form only)Simplify approval processes with Yeeflow's sub-list approval form feature. Streamline workflows and ensure smooth decision-making.
UserEnhance collaboration and access control with Yeeflow's user feature. Streamline permissions and optimize teamwork effortlessly.
CurrencyOptimize financial tracking with Yeeflow's currency feature. Streamline budget management and enhance accuracy effortlessly.