Yeeflow canvas overview

An overview of Yeeflow Canvas, detailing its features and functionalities for efficient collaboration and task management within Yeeflow.

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Discover how you can visually interact with controls in your application on the canvas.

When you're in the Designer, you can interact with controls in your form or dashboard visually on the canvas. This is an easier way to engage with controls as opposed to locating a snippet of code for a control you want to edit. You can just click the control on the canvas.

You can also interact with elements in the Designer through the Navigator, and the Navigation bar, but in this article we'll focus on the canvas and the aspects of interacting with controls on the canvas.


To select a control on your canvas, point your cursor at the control and just click it.

Notice that as you hover over controls on the Canvas, a blue outline highlights the edge of each control. This indicates which control you are selecting on the canvas.

Selecting a control will show the selected control's properties settings panel at the left of the Designer.


If you want to move a control, simply click and drag it into position.

As you move an element around, you can see where you are moving it. On the canvas, the blue line indicator shows where you are positioning the control relative to other sibling elements.

The position of a moved control is dependent on the display setting of the control and other properties.

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