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Comments (Available for Approval form and List form only)
Comments (Available for Approval form and List form only)
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The comments control enable users to add and view comments in a record of data lists or approval forms. This capability works based on the permissions that are defined for the shared users of data lists or approval forms. Permissions for comments are part of the over all permissions of each module. The permissions are form specific.

Pro Tip: The comments control is associated with the entity (which is a record for data list, or a request for an approval form). This means that the comments on the Add/Edit/View form of a data list, or the submission form and task forms of an approval form is the same.

Add Comments control to the form

Firstly, find the Comments control in the controls add panel. Then, drag and drop it into a section or container on your form.

Appearance of the Comments control

Input Type: Set the style of the input textbox for adding new comments. You can select Plain Text or Rich Text.

  1. Plain Text: Show a text box control which will allow users to only input simple text.

  2. Rich Text: Show a rich text control which allow users to input text with formatted style, insert tables, images etc.

Allow users to upload attachments: Turn this ON if you want to allow users to upload attachments when posting new comment. User will see the "Add Attachment" button to upload 1-5 files.

Dynamic Display Rules: When you set a dynamic display rules, It behaves differently based on specific conditions and rules. Learn how to create dynamic display rules for a control.

@mentioning collaborators

If the Input Type is set as Rich Text, users can @mention collaborators in the comment box by clicking the user icon button on the toolbar. This will give you a dialog that lets you select the collaborators.

You can create a notification from the data list to send custom message to the mentioned collaborators:

Advanced Settings

Set the Advanced options that are applicable to this control.


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