Advanced controls
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NewsMaximizing the effectiveness of news features, fostering improved communication and information dissemination within organizational contexts
GalleryOutlines methods for maximizing gallery features, improving visual content management and presentation.
Icon ListGuides users on leveraging icon lists for improved content organization and presentation within digital platforms.
DropbarLeveraging dropbar functionalities for improved navigation and organization, enhancing user experiences within digital environments.
Progress BarImplementing progress bars to enhance user experience and visualize task completion, optimizing workflow efficiency within Yeeflow
AlertEffective utilization of alerts for timely notifications, enhancing communication and task management for improved workflow efficiency.
Data TableEffortlessly organize and visualize data with Yeeflow's data table feature. Enhance analysis and streamline decision-making.
CollectionEfficiently manage and organize data collections with Yeeflow's collection feature. Streamline organization and enhance data accessibility.
Gantt ChartUtilization of Gantt charts in project management, elucidating their benefits and implementation for efficient task scheduling and tracking.
Document LibraryExplore Yeeflow's document library for comprehensive support and resources. Streamline access to valuable information effortlessly.
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Comments (Available for Approval form and List form only)
Embed Control
Custom Code Control
Submit Button (Public form only)Explains how to set up a submit button exclusively for public forms, streamlining the submission process.
Dynamic Series ControlsDynamic display of content based on user selections from a data list, enhancing efficiency in building collection content.
Dynamic FieldUse Yeeflow's Dynamic Field for interactive content display based on user selection, enhancing form interactivity and customization.
Dynamic UserDisplaying personalized user information, like department and job title, using the Dynamic User control.
Dynamic ImageDynamic Image control streamlines image selection and display, offering customizable layouts and sizes for enhanced visual engagement.
Dynamic FileSelecting and displaying "attachment" type fields from a data list within a collection