Dynamic Series Controls

Dynamic display of content based on user selections from a data list, enhancing efficiency in building collection content.

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The Dynamic Series Controls enables users to select the field in the data list that they want to show in the collection. Once the field is selected, the content of the field will be dynamically displayed. It makes using the Collection control easier and smoother.

In this article, we are going to introduce 4 dynamic controls which are dynamic field, dynamic user, dynamic image and dynamic file.

Dynamic series control can be added to collection, enabling users to select the content they wish to display. For example:

  1. Employee ID Cards: For companies, an ID card could contain the employee's photo, name, job title, and perhaps additional fields such as department, employee number, or access permissions.

  2. Medical Cards: Medical ID cards could include the patient's name, photo, blood type, emergency contact information, and fields for medical conditions, allergies, or ongoing treatments.

  3. Customer Support Tickets: Support tickets could include customer details, issue description, status updates, and fields for priority level, ticket ID, or assigned support agent.

Dynamic series controls in Yeeflow can be utilized by anyone to enhance their efficiency in building collection content. They streamline the process, making it smoother and faster to display the desired content.

Type of Dynamic series control

Yeeflow offers a range of dynamic controls that can display content dynamically based on the specific needs and preferences of the user, providing flexibility and customization options for efficient content presentation and interaction:



Support all text field.

Could display multiply user and their related information stored at admin center

Image field which also could display multiple image with the order that user desired.

Choose specific "attachment" type of fields from a data list for display

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Dynamic Series Control in Collection

Adding a collection control

  1. Initiate the Collection Control: Start by adding a collection control to your dashboard.

  2. Access Control Properties: Navigate to the control's properties settings panel and select the 'Content' tab.

  3. Data Source Selection: In the 'Data' group, choose your data source, which could be a Data List, Document Library, Form Report, or Data Report.

Select desired field

  1. Add dynamic series field: Drag and drop the desired dynamic control into collection.

  2. Chose data source: Select desired field from drop-down list.

  3. Design Order: Using 'Style' and ' Advanced' settings or Container control to design the order of each control.

For page setting please refer to:Page Background and Content Area Styles.

Final Result

After finalizing all the steps and finishing the style settings of all the controls, the following result will be available for you.

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