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A barcode is a machine-readable optical label that can contain information about the item to which it is attached. You can add a QR Code control on your form which can include the current item's web address or with a specific web address. This will allow users to scan via smart phone or other devices to access the contents easily.

Add QR Code control to the form

Firstly, find the QR Code control in the controls add panel,. Then, drag and drop it into a section or container on your form.

Appearance of the Comments control

Size: Set the size of the QR Code in PX.

Align: Set the alignment of QR Code control. Can be Left, Center or Right.

Link Address: Set the web address that will contained in this QR Code. Select "Current item" will include the address of this record, while select "Specific Address" will allow you to input a custom web address in the following textbox. You can also add a dynamic address with the expression editor.

Dynamic Display Rules: When you set a dynamic display rules, It behaves differently based on specific conditions and rules. Learn how to create dynamic display rules for a control.

Advanced Settings

Set the Advanced options that are applicable to this control.


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