Easily input and manage textual information with Yeeflow's text feature. Streamline communication and data entry effortlessly.

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The Text control allows you to create stylish text headings.

Add Text Control

You can find the Text control from the left controls add panel, under the section of General, drag to add this control to the form designer.

Edit Content


  1. Text – Type your text.

    You can type text in this text area, or add dynamic content by clicking the switch icon on the top-right corner of this text area. To select dynamic content, click the "settings" button before the "switch" button to open the expression editor, and select the form fields value and/or the context information. For example: display the current user's name, email address, or current date etc.

    As set text in Expression Editor, you have the option to set text length for text displayed in each collection item.

  2. Link– Link the text to a URL
    You can type or paste the URL to this textbox, or add dynamic link by clicking the switch icon on the right of this textbox.

  3. Size – The quick settings of the font size by selecting from: Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL.
    You can also change the size from the style settings tab.

  4. Alignment– Align the text to the left, right, center, or justified


Dynamic Display Rules: When you set a dynamic display rule, it behaves differently based on specific conditions and rules. Learn how to create dynamic display rules for a control.

Style Text

  1. Text Color – Choose the color of the heading text

  2. Typography – Change the typography options for the heading text

  3. You can set the font family, font size, weight, transform, style, line height and letter spacing etc.

  4. Text Shadow – Add a shadow and blur to the heading text

Advanced Settings

Set the Advanced options that are applicable to this control.

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