General controls
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Section OverviewOrganize your Yeeflow pages with Sections, enhancing layout clarity and content structure for better navigation and presentation.
Columns - Create, Edit and StyleLearn to create, edit, and style Yeeflow columns for dynamic layouts, enhancing page design and user experience with customization options.
GridVisualize and manipulate data easily with Yeeflow's grid feature. Enhance analysis and streamline decision-making effortlessly.
Container OverviewGain insights into your processes with Yeeflow's container overview feature. Streamline analysis and optimize workflows effortlessly.
Container-Execute typeEffortlessly manage actions within containers with Yeeflow. Streamline workflows and enhance automation seamlessly.
TextEasily input and manage textual information with Yeeflow's text feature. Streamline communication and data entry effortlessly.
ParagraphEffortlessly manage longer textual content with Yeeflow's paragraph feature. Streamline communication and data entry effortlessly.
PictureIntegrate images effortlessly with Yeeflow's picture feature. Enhance visual representation and communication seamlessly.
DividerEasily segment content with Yeeflow's divider feature. Enhance organization and readability effortlessly.
SpacerCreate visual breaks with Yeeflow's spacer feature. Enhance content layout and readability effortlessly.
ButtonPrompt user action seamlessly with Yeeflow's button feature. Enhance engagement and streamline processes effortlessly.
Button-Execute typeEffortlessly execute actions with Yeeflow's button feature. Streamline processes and enhance user interaction seamlessly.
TabsOrganize content efficiently with Yeeflow's tabs feature. Enhance navigation and streamline access effortlessly.
ToggleToggle settings and options seamlessly with Yeeflow's toggle feature. Enhance user control and streamline interaction effortlessly.
Print Button (Approval form only)Easily print approval forms with Yeeflow's print button feature. Enhance accessibility and streamline document handling effortlessly.
IconEnhance content representation with Yeeflow's icon feature. Streamline visual communication effortlessly.