Integrate images effortlessly with Yeeflow's picture feature. Enhance visual representation and communication seamlessly.

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Images play a vital role in web design, so you will most likely use the Picture control a lot while designing your form/dashboard. Let’s go over all of the settings you can control for this control.

Add Picture to the page

Firstly, find the Picture control in the controls add panel. Then, drag and drop it into a section or container on your page.

Edit Picture

Choose Picture

Upload an image or choose Dynamic to dynamically use image fields, variables, or current user's profile image.

Picture Size

Choose the size of the picture


Set the picture Alignment


Optionally, add a caption to the bottom of the picture. Choose to either create a new custom caption or use the dynamic content.


Set a link to a custom URL, media file, or no link. Choose “media file” to link directly to the location of the picture. Choose “custom URL” to link to any page on any site. Choose “none” if you don’t want to add a link to the picture at all.

Style the Picture

  1. Width – Set the picture Width

  2. Max Width – Set the Max Width for the picture

  3. Height – Set the height for the picture

  4. Object Fit – The object-fit sets how the picture should be resized to fit its container.

  5. Opacity – Set the Opacity

  6. CSS Filters – Set CSS Filters: Blur, Brightness, Contrast and Saturation

  7. Border Type – Set a Border Type

  8. Radius – Set a Border Radius

  9. Shadow – Set Box Shadow: Horizontal, Vertical, Blur, and Spread

  10. Caption – Set the Alignment, Text color, Text Shadow, and Typography of the caption.

Advanced Settings

Set the Advanced options that are applicable to this control.

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