Create visual breaks with Yeeflow's spacer feature. Enhance content layout and readability effortlessly.

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The Spacer control creates a block of space anywhere on your page. You can fill this block of space with a color or an image. You can use it to create cool shapes and elements as well.

Add Spacer to the page

Firstly, find the Spacer control in the controls add panel. Then, drag and drop it into a section or container on your page.

Set content of the Spacer

Space: Set the amount of vertical space, in pixels.

Set background color and image

By default, the Spacer's background color is set as transparent. You can add the background color from the Advanced tab and in the background settings panel.

Or choose a background image, then play around the settings to get the styles you are looking for:


Many of the useful features of the Spacer Widget may be achieved by using the Advanced Tab controls. From here, you may apply backgrounds, borders, and many more options to your Spacer control.


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