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Guides users on leveraging icon lists for improved content organization and presentation within digital platforms.

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The Icon List Control creates an easy-to-manage list of items, with each item highlighted by its own icon.

Content Tab


Choose Default or

Inline. Default displays items in a vertical list, while Inline displays items horizontally.


  1. Text: Enter the list item’s text

  2. Icon: Select the icon for the item

  3. Link: Enter the URL for the item’s link. Click the Link Options cog to open the link in a new window.


Both the text and the link of the Icon List items can be generated dynamically by clicking the Dynamic icon next to each, and choosing the source of the data.



  1. Space Between: Control the space between list items

  2. Alignment: Align the list left, right, or center

  3. Divider: Turn the item divider lines on or off

If the Divider option is turned on, the following style options become available:

  1. Style: Choose from Solid, Double, Dotted or Dashed

  2. Weight: Set the thickness of the divider

  3. Width: Control the width of the divider relative to the container

  4. Color: Choose the divider’s color


  1. Icon Indent: Set the distance between the left of the item and the Icon.

  2. Icon Size: Set the exact size of the icon

  3. Hover: Choose the color of the icon’s hover state

  4. Icon Color: Choose the icon’s color


  1. Text Indent: Set the distance between the icon and the text

  2. Typography: Set the typography options for the text

  3. Hover: Choose the color of the text’s hover state

  4. Text Color: Choose the color of the text

Advanced Settings

Set the Advanced options that are applicable to this control.

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