Data filters
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An Overview of Data Filter controls in YeeflowData filter controls in Yeeflow are a powerful tool that allows users to create custom search criteria for any data stored in the platform.
Understanding Apply type in Yeeflow Data Filter ControlsYeeflow's "Apply Type" settings in data filter controls offer users tailored control over how and when their data is filtered.
Search FilterLearn to add & customize search filters in Yeeflow forms: Set titles, variables, appearance & validation for improved data management.
Select FilterGuide to adding & configuring Select Filters in Yeeflow forms for data categorization, enhancing user experience with dropdown lists.
Checkbox FilterEnhance Yeeflow forms with Checkbox Filters for multi-select options, improving data search accuracy and user interaction.
Radio FilterImplement single-option Radio Filters in Yeeflow forms for streamlined data filtering and enhanced user experience.
Range FilterOptimize data filtering in Yeeflow with Range Filters: Customize sliders for precise data range selection and user-friendly interfaces.
Check RangeAdd precision to data filtering in Yeeflow with Check Range controls, allowing for specific numerical range selections and customization.
Date FilterUse Yeeflow's Date Filter to refine searches by date range, enhancing data analysis and application efficiency with custom settings.
Relative PeriodFilter data based on predefined time frames, such as year, quarter, month, week, day, and hour by focusing on specific intervals.
Apply ButtonEnables users to apply selected filter criteria, improving user interaction by filtering displayed information based on user preferences.
Remove FiltersSimplify filter resets in Yeeflow with Remove Filters control, enhancing data management and user experience with one-click resets.