Advanced Control Settings: Order

Refine layout organization with advanced order settings. Tailor element sequence effortlessly for enhanced user experiences

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When using Flex CSS, an order property is used to re-order the child elements in a container. This is generally used in combination with the property to define which element to order. This can be rather confusing in CSS. However, Yeeflow controls have an Order property that is located in the Advanced tab of each control.

Why is Order needed/used?

Setting the order of controls and containers provides a much more optimized way to manage responsiveness in your designs. It is used most frequently with responsive breakpoints so that you may avoid creating additional sections that are hidden. For example, a Container that has three or more elements. You may wish to center the image or swap the icons and button.

Locating the Order property

The Order property may be located in the Advanced Tab of both Containers, and controls when that element is placed inside into a Container or a Grid.

Order Options

Choose between Start, End, or Custom. If custom is selected, then enter a value in which you wish it to display. Keep in mind that the other elements may need to be defined as well before displaying properly. You may find it less difficult to start ordering in reverse. Edit the last element first.



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