Assigning CSS ID and CSS Classes to a control

Effortlessly customize control appearance in Yeeflow with CSS IDs and classes. Enhance visuals, streamline customization.

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How to assign an ID or class to an Element

You may need to add a custom CSS or script to a control to customize styles or layouts. In such cases assigning a CSS ID or a CSS class to a control is crucial. You can assign both an ID and class to a control.

In order to do that:

1. In the designer of a form or dashboard, select the control to which you want to assign a CSS ID or a CSS class to, so that the settings panel shows up on the left.

2. In Advanced tab, and in the Advanced section, look for CSS ID option and CSS Classes and write your ID or class name for the control.

Custom style with CSS classes and custom CSS

For example, if you’ve placed a section in the designer, we’ll give it a custom class, which we’ll name “so-yellow”. (Go to Advanced > CSS Classes and make sure you don’t include the preceding dot here).

Now, in the Custom CSS tab, simply reference the custom class “.so-yellow”, and yes, you will need to include the preceding dot here.

As expected, the section’s wrapper now shows our bright yellow color for its background.

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