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The Rating field control allows users to rate records for the purposes of ranking or quality assessment. You can set the maximum rating allowed (from 3 to 10). You can also change the style of the rating symbol from the default yellow star.

Pro Tip

A rating control is recognized as a text attribute but it displays as a number. It's only applicable for Approval form Builder.
To give a rating or change a rating, simply click the appropriate number of symbols.

How to add a Rating field

Firstly, find the Rating control in the controls add panel. Then, drag and drop it into a section or container on your form designer.

Basic of the Rating field

Open the Content > Basic block and set the Title's text of this Rating control. For more information about Title for field control, please refer:

Set the Associated variable for this Rating control. When you add a new Rating control, a default variable will be generated automatically. You can click the Edit Button to change the ID and name, or click the Reset button to bind this Rating control to other existing variables. For more information, please refer:

Appearance of the Rating field

Open the Content > Appearance block to set the appearance and layout of this Rating field control.

Rating Icon: Choose the icon of the rating as Start or Heart.

Number of Icons: Choose the maximum rating allowed (from 3 to 10).

Half Rating: Turn this ON to allow rating with half start or half heart.

Remark: Turn this ON to add text after the rating icons.

Display Title: Choose display or hide the title of this control. For more information, please refer: Understand the title of field controls

Allow comment: Turn on this option will allow users to add comments on this control.

Dynamic Display Rules: When you set a dynamic display rules, It behaves differently based on specific conditions and rules. Learn how to create dynamic display rules for a control


Validation of the Rating field

Open the Content > Validation block to set the properties of this Rating field control.

Readonly: Turn this ON will make this field control as view only status.

Required: Make this field as required. Users cannot leave the content as empty.

Default value: Set a default value of this Rating field.

Custom Validation: Set the custom validation rules. An error message that will display under your field when specified conditions become true. It will allow you to add any number of rules for validating your field. Learn more about the Custom Validation


Action call of the Rating field

Open the Content > Action block to call a pre-defined action from the dropdown list. This action will be triggered once the value of this image field is changed.

Style the Rating control


Open the Style > Field block to set the styles of the Rating field control.

  1. Size: Set the size of the rating icons (Star or Heart).

  2. Default color: Set the default color of rating icons.

  3. Selected Color: Set the color of the selected rating icons.

  4. Remark: Set styles (Typography and color) of the remark text.

  5. Align: Set the alignment of text inside the field control. Can be Left, Center or Right.

  6. Padding: Set the Padding of the field control.

  7. Field Width: Set the width of the field control in PX or %.

  8. Field Alignment: Set the alignment of the field control. This will only be effected when the field width is less than the outside container.

  9. Error Message: Set the styles of the error message,

    • Typography: Set the typography options for the error message.

    • Color: Choose the color of the error message's text.

Style of title

Set the Title of field controls that are applicable to this control.

Advanced Settings

Set the Advanced options that are applicable to this control.


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