Page Background and Content Area Styles

Elaborates on customizing page backgrounds and content area styles in Yeeflow, enhancing visual appeal and user experience.

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An overview of the background styles you can set on forms or pages: color, images, gradients, and color overlays.

Page Background

Setting the background on the page gives you control over appearance and legibility. In the Backgrounds section of the Page panel, you can add a background image, gradient, or color.

By default, there are no background set for the form or page. To Add single color, lick the pen icon after the Background Type option, and select color from the color picker. Change this background color will effect all the controls on the canvas which has no background set individually.

You can also upload an image as the background of this page. Yeeflow offers many options to customize your background image.

Page Content Area

Content Area is the area which are allowed to place contents. the content area can be set as Full Width which will be the same size of the whole page, or Fixed width will specify size of the contents inside.

You can set the width of the content area and the background color or background images as needs.

Padding: set the padding size of the content insider the content area. By default, the padding is set as 10px. If you need to set the content 100% width of this page, with no padding (like a section), just set the content area as Full Width and the padding of the content area as 0.

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