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Form report
Form report

Enables efficient generation and customization of data reports for Approval forms across multiple views.

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Understanding Form ReportForm Report turns form data into customizable, analytical reports for insights, with options for detailed views and secure data management.
Create form reportsCreate Yeeflow form reports by selecting forms, setting names, filters, variables, and permissions for targeted data analysis and management
Exporting data from a form reportExport Yeeflow form report data selectively or entirely, with Excel output and controlled access.
Creating and utilizing data views in form reportsCreate Yeeflow form report data views for specific user needs, offering tailored layouts and access.
Update fields of form reportUpdate Yeeflow form report fields to add, delete, or modify names and types, keeping data up-to-date and relevant.
Editing permissions of form reportsAdjust Yeeflow form report permissions for specific user access, controlling view and export capabilities to ensure data security.
Utilizing form reports effectivelyOptimize Yeeflow form reports with sorting, filtering, and search for efficient data handling and user insights.
Customizing the fields for data filter and search in form reportsCustomize Yeeflow form reports' filter/search fields to tailor data analysis needs, enhancing user-specific query capabilities.
Moving a form report to another applicationShift Yeeflow form reports to new apps easily with report settings and destination selection, streamlining data reorganization.
Handling changes of approval form variables in form reportsUpdate Yeeflow form reports' variables for approval form changes to keep data current and relevant, ensuring smooth workflow transitions.
Utilizing form reports as a data source: A comprehensive guideLeverage Yeeflow form reports as data sources for dynamic analytics and data integration, enhancing application functionality and insights.