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Understanding Form Report
Understanding Form Report

Form Report turns form data into customizable, analytical reports for insights, with options for detailed views and secure data management.

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What is a form report?

A form report is an essential tool in Yeeflow, designed to compile data submitted via an approval form within an application. It presents records in a digestible, user-friendly format, helping users in tracking, searching, and analyzing data from approval forms. By assembling the latest updates from users, form reports provide a centralized and comprehensive view of all changes.

When to create a form report?

Form reports are especially advantageous when you need to collate data from an approval form, like a "Purchase Requisitions Form". In such a situation, you can create a single form report, such as a "Purchase Requisitions Report," which enlists all records from the form.

During the generation of a form report, you can choose which variables from the approval forms will be incorporated as data fields in the report. You also have the capability to customize the name and data type of each data field before generating the form report, affording you greater control over the presentation of the report's data.

Generate form reports with approval form sub list data

If an approval form includes sub-lists and the form report creator wants to include detailed data from the sub-lists, they can create a form report by incorporating data from one of the sub-lists. In this scenario, each approval form will be divided into multiple records in the form report, depending on the number of items in the selected sub-list.

However, it's important to note that each form report can only incorporate data from one sub-list. Therefore, if multiple sub-lists exist and users need to review detailed data from each, separate form reports for each sub-list should be created.

Understanding data views in form reports

Inside a form report, you can establish multiple data views, such as "All Records," "Approved Forms," or "My PR Requests". These data views offer different perspectives of the data, tailored to specific needs or user roles. Furthermore, data views come with individual access permissions, allowing you to manage who can access what data, enhancing data security and management.

Access permissions of form reports

Form report access permissions can either be inherited from the current application or be independently set. This feature provides the flexibility to regulate the degree of data access based on individual requirements. Additionally, users can manage permissions for exporting data or viewing form details, ensuring the secure protection of sensitive data and its accessibility only by authorized users.

In summary, form reports in Yeeflow are a practical and versatile tool for organizing and analyzing data from approval forms. They offer tailored data views and robust access controls to cater to various user needs, making data access, understanding, and management more streamlined and effective.

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