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Editing permissions of form reports
Editing permissions of form reports

Adjust Yeeflow form report permissions for specific user access, controlling view and export capabilities to ensure data security.

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Yeeflow form reports not only allow you to keep a comprehensive track of your approval forms but also provide granular control over who can access these reports. This article walks you through the process of modifying the permission settings of a form report.

Accessing Permission Settings

To edit the permission settings of a form report, navigate to the specific form report page. On this page, you'll find a 'More Settings' button at the top-right corner. Click this button and from the pop-up menu that appears, select 'Access Permission'. This action leads you to the 'Permission Settings' window.

Adjusting Permission Settings

The 'Permission Settings' window provides a set of options for configuring permissions, identical to those found in step 3 of the form report creation wizard.

Inheritance: By default, a form report inherits permissions from its parent application, meaning that users who can access the application will also be able to access this form report. If you wish to establish independent permissions for the form report, you can uncheck the 'Inherit from Application' checkbox.

  • Administrative Permissions: If you've disabled inheritance, you can set who the administrators of the form report will be. Administrators have privileges to edit the form report, modify form settings, create and manage data views, and move or delete the form report.

  • View Permissions: Here, you can specify who can view the form report. This can be set to either allow all users or only specified users.

    Remember to save your changes once you've adjusted the 'Form Detail Access' permission as per your requirements.

Form Detail Access: Another critical permission pertains to whether users can access the form's detail page. If this option is disabled, users with access permission can only view the data in the form report but cannot open the form detail page. If enabled, users can open the form's detail page by clicking each record in the form report page. This setting can also be managed per data view.

Export Permissions: You have control over whether users can export the form report data to an Excel file. If this option is enabled, you can further specify whether all users or only certain users can perform this action.

Once you've adjusted the permissions to your preference, remember to save your changes.

Managing Form Detail Access in Data Views

You may notice a discrepancy between the options in the 'Access Permission' editing page and the step 3 of the 'Form Report Creation Wizard'. Notably, the 'Form Detail Access' permission setting is not available in the general 'Access Permission' editing page. This is because the 'Form Detail Access' setting is unique to each data view within a form report, thus requiring separate configuration.

Accessing Data View Settings

When a new form report is created, a default data view called 'All items' is also generated. To modify the 'Form Detail Access' permission for this or any other data view, you first need to navigate to the specific data view.

Next, locate the 'More Settings' option and click on it to reveal a pop-up menu. From this menu, select 'Edit View' to open the 'View Settings' window.

Configuring Form Detail Access

In the 'View Settings' window, look for the 'View Report' section. Here, you will find an option labeled 'Allow users to access the form's detail page.' Checking this box will grant users permission to open the form's detail page when accessing this specific data view. Conversely, unchecking this box restricts users from accessing the form's detail page, even though they may still view the form report's data.

Remember to save your changes once you've adjusted the 'Form Detail Access' permission as per your requirements.

With these straightforward steps, you can effectively manage the accessibility of your Yeeflow form reports, ensuring that the right data is accessible by the right individuals at the right time.

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