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Utilizing form reports as a data source: A comprehensive guide
Utilizing form reports as a data source: A comprehensive guide

Leverage Yeeflow form reports as data sources for dynamic analytics and data integration, enhancing application functionality and insights.

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In Yeeflow, form reports offer not only a way to visualize and interact with your form data, but they also serve as a valuable data source that can be utilized across a range of components and controls. In this article, we'll explore the versatility of form reports and how you can use them to enrich your data representations.

1. Form reports as a data source for Lookup fields

In both Data Lists and Approval Forms, form reports can serve as a data source for Lookup and Lookup List controls. These controls can draw information from your form reports, creating a more interconnected data environment and enabling a comprehensive data view.

For instance, when designing an Approval Form or setting up a Data List, you may want to pull information from an existing form report. This is where Lookup controls come in handy, enabling a dynamic connection between your data sources and ensuring real-time, consistent information flow.

2. Form reports as a data source for data present controls

Form reports can be used to populate Data Present Controls like News, Gallery, Data Table, and Gantt. These controls, available in the Approval Form Designer, List Form Designer, or the Dashboard Page, can showcase data from form reports in a variety of user-friendly layouts.

Using Data Present Controls, you can:

  • Display your form report data in different layouts according to your preferences and needs.

  • Define filter conditions to narrow down and specify the data you want to display.

  • Control the layout styles for a more personalized view.

These controls transform your form report data into interactive and visually pleasing presentations, boosting data comprehension and engagement.

3. Form reports as a data source for Data analytic controls

Analyzing your data is key to gaining insights and making informed decisions. Yeeflow's Data Analytic Controls, such as Summary, Pie Chart, Column Chart, and Pivot Table, can utilize form reports as their data source.

By doing so, you can:

  • Break down your form report data into more digestible formats.

  • Highlight crucial data points or trends through visual representation.

  • Carry out comprehensive data analysis based on your form reports.

Overall, using form reports as a data source across various controls not only enriches your data representation but also facilitates interconnectivity, ensures data consistency, and boosts your overall data management efficiency in Yeeflow.

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