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Utilizing form reports effectively
Utilizing form reports effectively

Optimize Yeeflow form reports with sorting, filtering, and search for efficient data handling and user insights.

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Yeeflow form reports are a powerful tool for displaying and managing data from approval forms. With the ability to filter, sort, and color-code data, as well as control the visibility of fields, these reports offer great flexibility for data viewing and manipulation. This guide will help you understand how to effectively use the form report.

Configuring Display Fields

As an administrator, you can decide which fields to show or hide, as well as their order in the current data view. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Open the form report.

  2. Click on the 'Display Fields' button present in the current data view to open a pop-up window listing all available fields.

  3. In this window, toggle on each field you want to display in the data list view as a column, and toggle off each field you wish to hide.

  4. To change the order of the displayed fields, simply click and hold on the icon at the end of each field. Drag the field up or down in the list to adjust its order.

  5. Once you are satisfied with your selections and the field order, close the pop-up window. Your changes will be saved and applied to the data view immediately.

Color Coding Rows

To enhance readability and quickly identify certain records, administrators can color-code rows based on specific conditions:

  1. Navigate to the form report and click on the 'Color' button within the current data list.

  2. This will open a pop-up window. Click the "+ Add color" button in the bottom-left to add a new color definition section.

  3. Select your desired color, then click "+ Add condition" to set the corresponding condition.

  4. If you want to add more color definitions, simply click "+ Add color" again at the bottom of the window and repeat the process.

  5. Click "Apply" in the bottom-right of the window to save and apply the settings.

Filtering Data

Users can tailor the data presented in a form report using the data filter window. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the form report and click the "Filter" button to bring up the data filters window.

  2. Click the "Add Condition" button to create a new filter condition.

  3. From the first column, select the data field you want to filter by from the dropdown list.

  4. In the second column, choose the condition such as "equals to", "greater than", "In", etc.

  5. In the third column, set the value for the condition.

  6. You can set multiple conditions, with AND or OR operators to combine these conditions. You can also use the Condition group to add multiple groups of conditions for more advanced filtering.

  7. Click the "OK" button to close the Data filters window, and apply the filters to the data.


The data filter comes with six default fields (Request title, Id, Created By, Modified By, Created Time, and Modified Time). If you need to filter data based on other fields, the form report administrator will need to add these fields to the data view's User Filters setting.
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Sorting Data

The form report also allows users to sort data. To do this:

  1. Access the form report.

  2. Click the 'Sort' button to open the sorting settings window.

  3. Click the "Pick another filed" button from the bottom-left. Select the field you want to sort by and choose the sorting method, either 'Ascending' or 'Descending'.

  4. Click 'Apply' button to see the data arranged according to your chosen order.

Search data with keywords

Searching through form report data is an essential feature to quickly locate specific entries or data points, and Yeeflow offers a convenient and efficient search function for this purpose. Whether you want to search all fields or focus on a specific field, you can do so with just a few clicks. Here's how:

  1. Find the search box: On your form report page, look for the search box located at the top-right corner of the current data view.

  2. Enter your keyword: Type your keyword or phrase into the search box. The system will instantly start to filter the data view based on your input, showing you any matching records. By default, the search will include all fields in the current data view.

  3. Specify a field (optional): If you want to narrow down your search to a specific field, click the dropdown list next to the search box. This will open a dropdown menu listing all the fields included in the current data view. Choose the field you want to search within, then type your keyword or phrase into the search box.

    The search function will now only return matches from that specific field.

Using the search function in Yeeflow Form Reports allows users to quickly find relevant information without having to scroll or manually filter through large volumes of data. Remember, the search results depend on the selected field in the dropdown list next to the search box. If 'All Fields' is selected, the system will search all available fields for the entered keyword. The ability to specify a field provides more focused and efficient search results when needed.

By effectively leveraging these functionalities, both administrators and users can interact with data in a much more efficient and tailored manner, suiting their individual needs and preferences.

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