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Create a new approval form

Create Yeeflow approval forms by adding a new component to an app, customizing it for processes.

Updated over a week ago

To create a new approval form, firstly create a new application / or open an existing application.

1. Click the "+ new component" button at the end of the menu navigation:

2. From the pop-up dialog, select "Approval form":

3. In the create new form dialog, fill in the form name and Id, then click "OK":


* Id is a unique key for each form, which will be used in the form and the related workflow.

4. After the form is created, a pop-up dialog will ask if you'd like to open the designer to start to design your form and workflow:

Click "OK" will bring you to the form designer.

If you click "Cancel" button, the dialog will be closed, you can click the "Edit in Designer" button from the top-right of the toolbar to open the designer at any time later.

Next: Check the below article to have a quick overview about the form designer:


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