Design task forms

Customize Yeeflow task forms for approval workflows with controls and actions, starting from existing templates or from scratch.

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Create new task form

To create a new task form, go to the form builder first, then click the form title on the top-left to display the forms list. Under the Task Forms section, click + Add task form to create a new task form.

From the pop-up window, there are 2 options you can choice:

  1. Copy from an existing form, or

  2. Create a blank task form.

If you select to create from an existing form, you will create a copy from the selected form. You can select to create from the submission form, or another task form you created before. If create from the submission form, you will see a notification message to tell that all the controls on the submission form will be set as read-only by default.

Fill in the form title and description, then click "OK" button to create the task form.

After the task form is created, you can design the form by adding more controls or modify the properties of existing control.

Pro Tip:

When create a new task form, we recommend copying from an existing form rather than create a new blank form.

Action panel control on task form

The main different between Submission form and Task form is about the Action Panel. On the submission form, the action panel will be used to submit form by the end users.

While on the task form, the action panel will be used to approve/reject or complete this task by the task owner.

Depends on the Task Type selected from the associated assignment task action on the workflow designer, The task panel will include the Approve/Reject buttons or the Complete button.

Pro Tip:

If you do not want to use the Task panel, you can create a custom action, and associate with a Button to do the task related operations. You can refer the below article to learn how that works: Creating Custom Approval Buttons.

Associate task form to Assignment task actions

To associate the task form with the Assignment Task action, go to the workflow designer, add a new Assignment Task action, or select one existing Assignment task.

Select one of the assignment tasks and click the Settings button at the bottom of this action. In the properties setting window, click the dropdown list to select the task form.

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