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Customize Yeeflow print pages with layout and control options for form outputs, using templates or starting anew.

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Why do you need to design the print page?

If you need to print the form out as a hard copy, you might want to have a special page layout for the paper, or you want to include more information. You can then create the print page and customize the layouts as you need.

Create a new print page

To create a new task form, go to the form builder first, then click the form title on the top-left to display the forms list. Under the Print Pages section, lick + Add print page to create a new print page.

From the pop-up window, select if you want to create a blank page, or copy from another existing print page, then fill in the page name.

Click "OK" button to create the print page.

After the print page is created, you can see the print page builder has the similar layouts but with different controls in the control palette.

Controls & Page panel: Lists all the types of controls that you can add to the print page. The above image shows just a few types of controls. You can scroll through the field palette to view all the available controls. You can also set the properties of the print page.

Print page content: This is where you define the layouts and contents that your print page will contain. You can manage the controls in your page, which includes adding controls, rearranging the controls and deleting controls.

Understand the print page controls

1. Basic Components

The basic components include the controls related to the design of the layout's styles.

2. System Variables

This place lists all the system variables provided by the Yeeflow.

3. Variables

List all the variables related to this form and workflow, which includes the form fields and other customized variables.


Yeeflow does not support lookup fields of sub lists on print pages. To show the values of lookup fields, you need to add another field in their sub-list with type as text and use it to save the value of the selected item of the lookup field. This new field can then be used on the print page to display the lookup field value.
Learn more: Why I cannot find the lookup fields of a Sub List control on my Print page?

4. Task

Display the workflow history information, and all the assignee for each assignment task included in your workflow process.

Associate the print page with the print button

After your get your print page ready, you can add a print button on the form which you want to allow users to use this print page.

To do that, select the form (either a submission form or a task form).

  1. Drag the "PRINT" button to the form.

  2. In the properties panel of the Print button, select the print page you created from the dropdown list.

  3. You can also set the "Dynamic display rules" to control when to display this print button.


This print button will only be available after the form is submitted. For a new request which is not submitted yet, the print button will not be displayed on the form.


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