Edit Approval form Settings

Edit Yeeflow approval forms to update names, descriptions, permissions, and more, or duplicate for efficiency.

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If you are the application admin, you can change settings of an Approval form, like edit form name and description, change form access permissions, make a copy of the approval form, or move the form to another application etc.

Edit Properties

Click the settings button from the top right of an Approval form and click "Edit Properties" from the drop-down menu to open the Edit Properties dialog.

You can change the form name and description here. Click "OK" button to save your changes.

Edit Permissions

By default, Approval forms are able to be submitted by anyone who have the access permission of the parent applications, and the submitted forms are able to be accessed by all users. You can change the permission settings by clicking the "Edit Permissions" item from the form settings drop-down menu.

From the permission settings dialog, you can set the submission permission as "All Stuff" or the "Specific staff". If set as specific staff, you are required to select users, departments or user group from the user picker window:

You can also change the view permission as "All staff" or "Specific staff". If you change the view permission to Specific staff, besides the submitter of this form, only those specified users, departments or user groups have the permission to access the submitted forms.

Duplicate an Approval form

If you want to reuse an existing Approval form in the current application or another application, you can make a copy of one Approval form by clicking the "Duplicate" item from the form settings drop-down menu.

This will open the duplicate form dialog. You can choose the target workspace and application, then set the new form name and form ID.

Pro Tip:

You can only select the application which you have the admin permission (which is called application admin).

Click the "Duplicate form" button to make a copy of the current Approval form in the target application. You can then go find the new Approval form from inside the target application. The new form will be set as "unpublished" by default. You can click "Edit in Designer" button to open the form designer and make changes if needed.

Once all done, you can publish the copied form to make it available for all users of this target application.

Pro Tip: Duplicate an Approval will NOT duplicate the submitted records.

Move an Approval form

To move an Approval form to another application, you can click the "Move" item from the form settings drop-down menu.

This will open the "Move form to another application" dialog. Select the target workspace, and application, and click "Move form" button.

Pro Tip: Move an existing Approval form will also move the existing submitted records and the related workflow tasks to the target application.

Delete Approval form

To delete an existing approval form, click the "Delete Form" item from the form settings drop-down menu.

From the delete form dialog, type in "delete" to confirm this operation.

Attention: This will permanently delete this Approval form and all existing related records (submitted form, and workflow tasks etc.).

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