Move and duplicate applications

Yeeflow allows moving or duplicating apps between workspaces, enabling flexible organization management without transferring records.

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The application's administrator can move an application from one workspace to another workspace, or duplicate this application to the current or other workspace.


In order to move or duplicate an application to another workspace, you will need to have owner or creator permissions in the target workspace.

Move an application to another workspace

To move an application from one workspace to another workspace, click on the application's dropdown menu and select the "Move application" option. From the pop-up window, select the target workspace from the workspaces list. Then, click the "Move application" button.

Duplicating an existing application

To duplicate an application, from the homescreen of Yeeflow, mousing over the application you'd like to duplicate, click the carrot on the right corner to open the dropdown menu, then select the "Duplicate application" option.

This will bring up a dialog that will allow you to choose the workspace into which you'd like to place the duplicated application. From the application name textbox, type in the name of the new application.

By default, the duplication will just create an application copy that will have just the forms, data tables, and view structure of the original application, but none of the records.

You can toggle on the "Duplicate records" option to also include the data records in the original application.


Due to the performance consideration, this will only copy the top 100 records of each data list. If you have more records inside, we recommend you use export/import instead.

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