Export and import applications

Yeeflow supports exporting and importing applications to share and reuse across organizations, without including records.

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If you want to re-use applications that you've created in the same organization of Yeeflow, you can duplicate those applications. However, if you have multiple organizations in Yeeflow, you can use the export and import function to share and re-use those existing applications. This article covers the ins and outs of everything you need to know about export/import applications.

Export an application

To export an application, click on the application's dropdown menu and select the "Export application" option.

This will bring up a dialog that will allow you to choose whether only export the application definition, or also include the records inside in this application.


  • Due to the performance consideration, this will only copy the top 100 records of each data list.

  • The attachments and files in this application will not be included when export the application.

Click "Export" button, then from the next dialog, you will see a message to see the download link will be sent to your email address.

Click "Got it!" button to close this dialog, and back to your mailbox to check the email. Once the application is exported, you will receive the email:

Click the "Download file" button to download the exported application with the name as: [application name].yap.

You can then import this application into the same organization, or another organization. You can also share this exported application to others.

Import from template file

To import an application, from the homescreen of Yeeflow, click "+ New Application" button, from the dropdown menu, select the "Import application" option.

This will bring up a dialog that will allow you to select the exported application file (with file extension type: .yap) from your local computer.

Then click "Next step" button to open the application settings dialog. It will automatically display the application name and description. You can change the text if needed. From the right side, add users, groups, or departments as the administrators, editors, or visitors of this application.

Click "OK" button to import this application. Once completed, you will be able to access this new application, and customize any time.


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