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Import and Export Users of a User Group

Easily import and export users of a user group for streamlined management. Optimize user data handling effortlessly.

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If you need to add a large number of users to a user group, you can import them from an Excel file. Conversely, if you have a user group with a large number of users and you want to create a copy of those users in an Excel file, you can export them. Yeeflow provides a function that allows users to import or export users of a user group.

Import users to a user group

Yeeflow allows users to quickly add many users to a user group using an excel file. To import, you must first prepare a .xlsx file which contains the users account fields.

To import users into a user group in Yeeflow, begin by accessing the Yeeflow admin center and selecting "User groups" from the left navigation menu. Once there, choose the desired user group from the list.

A pop-up window will appear from the right side of the page, within which you'll find an "Import" button. Clicking this will allow you to upload an Excel file containing the accounts of Yeeflow users.


It's essential to note that only users previously added to Yeeflow will be recognized as valid and can be imported into the user group. If certain users are not yet part of Yeeflow, you must first add them via the User management.

After uploading your Excel file in the subsequent pop-up window, select the appropriate column containing the User login account details.

Finally, press the "OK" button to finalize the import process, adding the users to the chosen group.

Export Users of a User Group to Excel

To export users from a user group in Yeeflow, there are two methods available. For a comprehensive export of all group members, simply click the "Export all" button located at the top right of the user group page.

This action will promptly generate an Excel file containing every user.

However, if you prefer a selective export, the process is just as straightforward. Begin by ticking the checkbox next to each user you wish to include, which is situated at the beginning of each row. Once you've made your selections, click the "Export" button, also found at the top right.

The resulting Excel file will encompass details such as the user's login account, name, email address, and their respective department.


If you need to add or get copies of many users of a user group, Yeeflow is here to help. You can easily import or export users of a user group using excel files.


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