Import and export locations

Easily import and export locations for streamlined organization. Optimize data management with ease.

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It is possible to both import and export locations data. By importing location data, you can easily add new locations to your Yeeflow account without having to manually input each one. Similarly, exporting location data enables you to extract all the information related to your locations in a convenient format that can be used for analysis or sharing with others.

Import locations

To import locations, click the more settings button from the location management page, and select “Import” from the pop-up menu list:

Then, from the pop-up window, click the "Start Import" button from top-right. You can select and upload your local excel file from the next page. Or, you can download a template file with pre-defined header for data preparation:

Below is an example about the import excel file:

  • Location ID is the code of this location. Importing to update will be based on this value.

  • Principal column should be the email address of the valid Yeeflow users.

Click Next button to go the the next page. From this page, choose the mapping fields of the location list. Then click "Next" button.

Enter an Import Name to define this import operation. Click Finish import to confirm the import. It will take some times to complete. You may close/refresh this windows if it takes too long time.

Export locations

From the top-right of the departments page, click more settings button, and select “Export” from the pop-up menu list:

The export data pop-up window will show on the right side. The Export History section will list all the previous export records. You can click the "Download" link to download the previous exported data.

Click the "Start export" button to export all the existing locations data to an excel file.

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