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Service Portal User Management
Service Portal User Management

Add, edit, or bulk import Yeeflow service portal users. Manage details and permissions for enhanced user handling.

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Users are the external users of the service portal. You can add external users individually or import and set the default in bulk. Once external are added, they will be sent an invite requesting that they register for the service portal.

Enter Service Portal setting page by click the "gear" icon located in the top-right corner of the application

Add New User

There are three ways to add a new user:

Click the "+ New User" button to add users. There are 3 options as below:

  1. Add User: Manually input login account and other relevant information. This method only allows adding one user at a time. The "Email Account" is a must, and it will be the user's login account and it's unchangeable.

2. Invite Users: Input up to 10 email addresses, and each invited user will receive an invitation email.

3.Import multiple users: Input multiple users at once using an Excel file. A downloadable template is available for this purpose.

Select / Bulk Manage User

Tick the checkbox to the left of the user's avatar to manage multiple users in bulk. Once you have ticked the users, you can export and delete them in bulk on the right side of the navigation bar.

1. Export users

Check the users you wish to export to and click on "Export" on the right side of the navigation bar. In the export pop-up, click "Start Export". Tick the user fields you want to export and click "Export" to submit.

To learn more about how to export users, please refer: Export data items to Excel file

2. Delete Users

Tick these users you want to delete and then click "Delete" at right top of the navigation bar. Click "OK" to submit.

Please note that deleted users cannot be reactivated. You can view all deleted records by clicking on "Deleted Users" in the "User Management" on the left panel.

Edit user information

System administrators can manage user information in the Service Portal. Deleting a user will permanently revoke their access from the Service Portal.

Firstly, log in to Yeeflow with the system admin account, then navigate to the application containing the Service Portal you want to manage. Click on the "Gear" icon located in the top-right corner to open the management panel of the Service Portal, and then select "Portal Users."

You can view user's detail information by clicking on the row of each user item. And open the user information page. Please refer to: Edit User Information in Service Portal.

Also, you could change user's password by click Change password.

Customize User Properties

If your Yeeflow account has system administrator rights, you can access and customize user settings in the User Management Centre. Click the More action button at the right top navigation bar of the page to customize users' properties with custom fields, forms and list views.

1. Add and edit fields

You can click β€œFields” button to add, delete, or edit users' fields.

Once you have clicked β€œFields” button, the pop window of existing fields will show up. Yeeflow has some defaulted fields which can not be deleted, and you have limited edit right to modify. Click "+ New Field" button on the top right to add more fields per need.

Once you have clicked "+ New Field" button, you can see a right pop-up window as below, where you can add new fields and custom fields properties.

The existing fields can also be edited by clicking the three dots of the fields. Then clicking on Edit to modify the field properties in the pop-up window on the right.

2. Set the list view

List view will help you to custom the display list fields on the page of organization.

Go to "List View" and there is a pop-up window, where you can edit display fields and user filters.

Click on the settings button to the right of "Display Fields". Tick these fields you want to display, and you can order as needed.

Yeeflow supports mobile use, and you may manage the mobile display also.

3. Edit the custom forms

Forms management helps to customize the form display if you would like to have a specific page view for each operation.

Go to "Forms" and you will see a right pop-up windows, where you can preview, edit and copy the form.

Click "Edit" to open the form designer. You can then design the custom layout and logic with the Yeeflow list form designer:

Yeeflow has a defaulted form, and you may refer to Create custom list forms (it works as the same way) to add more forms for specific displays.

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