Understand data encryption for fields

Yeeflow's encryption secures text fields, removing certain feature compatibility. Adjustments needed for lookups and workflows.

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Applies to the following fields: Text box (Single line).

Encryption is a method of adding a layer of security to data preventing the data from being stolen or lost. It is the process of encoding information to make it accessible only by authorized parties. Even if a potential hacker gets a hold of the data, the information stored in the cipher text is non-readable.

When you're using fields in your Yeeflow applications to capture any sensitive, or confidential information , you can add another layer of protection for them by enabling the Encrypt data field property.

Before enabling the Encrypt data field property

  • Encryption converts the data in a field to text. Therefore, to enable data encryption for a field, you will first need to remove its references from other components like lookup fields (in other forms), reports, and workflows.

  • Enabling data encryption is not supported when the Unique Value property is enabled for that field, and vice versa

  • Encrypting data requires time. We've estimated that it takes up to 30 seconds to encrypt the data in 100,000 records. However, while this happens, your users won't be able to access your app. For example, if you initiate data encryption for a field while a user is entering data in that form, they won't be able to submit the form. We recommend that you plan for this pause before you initiate data encryption for a field.

Working with fields that contain encrypted-at-rest data

Encryption converts the data in a field to text. Therefore, these fields can be searched for data using only the following operators: Equals, Not Equals, Empty, and Not Empty.


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