Enable versioning control

Turn on Yeeflow list versioning to monitor and revert changes, with admin control over version history for improved data management.

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Yeeflow is a powerful platform that allows you to create and manage data lists for various purposes. One of the features of Yeeflow is the ability to enable and track versions of a data list, which can help you keep track of the changes made to the data and restore previous versions if needed.

Once the version function is turned on, then any changes made to this item will be tracked and recorded.


Only the admin of the data list can view the history info of versions.

Enable versioning

To enable versioning for a data list, go to the list settings and click on the "Versions" link.

From the pop-up window, choose to turn on / off the versioning feature for this data list.

View version history

If the versioning settings is turned on. You can check the version history from the detail page of each item.

Open an existing item, from the top-right, click "More" button, you will now be able to see the "Version history" item from the pop-up menu list.

Click this menu to open the version history dialog. The latest version is the current one. You can click on the version number or more action button, and click view menu item to view each versions detail info.

Click the "Delete" menu item to delete any history versions.

Click the "Restore" menu item to use the previous version to replace the current version. This will generate a new version.



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